Saturday, September 22, 2007

The ice caps are splitting!

A programmer friend of mine posted the below

I confuse him with Mike Croghan all the time when emailing and talking to the two of them.

Do you like being a private person?

Don't get on facebook if you want to keep your connections private... in fact, don't even use the internet at all... Check out what Touch Graph is doing!

Mobile Technology brings relief to the poor

Mobile Technology brings relief to the poor.

And economic development through mobile phones in India and Africa.

Herndon Day Labor Center Closes

Well, Herndonites (P3t3, J4ck13, Mike, Tina) what are we gonna do now that your community has failed the least of these?

Well, the answer came to me in the form of a Razoo blog post.

So, now Arlington is stepping it up in support of immigrants.... what if the GNU Team started to look for ways to support this Arlington County Resolution? What if we backed (or even manned?) a day labor site in Arlington County? Is this too crazy an idea?

What if we befriended some of these day laborers that are so rejected by this capital of a country made up of "huddled masses yearning to breath free?"

I'm thinking of talking to one of our sister communities (an outreach to Hispanic folks down the street) getting involved: Casa Chirilagua

Anybody interested in this as a possible relief as the weather and the work start to freeze out the common folks, the forgotten folks... even condemned folks...