Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Saga Continues...

So I get an email today saying that the cult leader is now experiencing rectal bleeding and psoriasis and is blaming it on satanic curses against him from 2 people who recently left the church ("the true church"). And he and his daughter are instructing 2 spouses in 2 different marriages to divorce their spouses because their spouses are "un-submitted" to the teachings of his church.

I even heard that he recently threatened the group that he would shut the whole church down if there weren't 3 new couples recruited to the group by Nov. 5th (the group has dwindled back down in the past year to 15 or so people). He said he would "ride off on his Harley" and disappear if they didn't start evangelizing. Well of course, the whole group jumped and started recruiting and I heard they achieved the goal. I wish they hadn't (although he would not have followed through, I think).

On top of all that, he kicked his wife of 30 + years out of their house and out of the church (cult) for being "unsubmitted" to the truth of God's teachings to them (read his teachings!). She was unwelcome unless she repented in front of the group in a public declaration of her disobedience on a Sunday morning with a renewed submission to him and the community and the "true teachings" of God. Well, as a testament to the incredibly controlling soul power of this man, SHE RETURNED, SUBMITTED AND REPENTED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!

Can anyone tell me this is not a cult?

Oh, and if you want further evidence, this hypocritical man started hanging out with an older single woman in the church, ALONE after driving his wife away. And this act of spending one-on-one time with a member of the opposite sex is a completely restricted act in his church.

OH! But it's ok for HIM!

2 more comments:
1) Let's assume a woman was actually *wrong* for something she *did* to her spouse and her church (not just something she *believed*)... no woman is truly being loved who is demanded to do that before her husband and her church!

2) It is delusion, self-deceit and denial that leads to justification of a pastor's recommendation that couples divorce over doctrinal differences, his theft of property and resulting court cases which he lost, his ostracization of 50+ adults (over 8 years) from his congregation including his own wife of 30+ years and his consistent mockery of everyone on the "outside" inviting him to mutual accountability with other congregations. These are *not* acts of a loving, helpful and God-loving pastor.